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From Rich to Poor

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In America, the top 5% possesses 57% of the American wealth. Everybody dreams to be in the top 5%. 90% of American believes that once a person becomes rich, he/she will never be poor again. But, when you live in America, you hear a lot of stories about rich becoming poor. Today the American media... full story

"Do you know Lacy?"

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“Hi, my name is Lacy. I’m about 13 years old. I am rented every night to different man. I live in your community. Will you please help me?” Every year, about 2 million women and children are sold and bought as sex slaves. The human trafficking market has grown to $32 billion. There have been many... full story

American Obsession

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I bet there will be a lot of Americans spending their summer in front of the TV watching the “Florida vs Casey Anthony” trial. When the first trial was broadcast, it had the highest viewer rating. The U.S. Open was second. This is the trial of a murder which took place in 2008 in Florida. Casey... full story

Greek Time Bomb

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What an incredible thing the Greek financial crisis is! It contributed to reduce the value of Euro from $1.44 to $1.4 in a day. The president of ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet denies the possibility of Greece leaving the Euro, but, some Greeks are saying “It might not be avoidable.” The over spending... full story

Why 6 million people left Facebook?

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At the beginning of May, 2011, Facebook had 687 million members. But, the insiders say that the increase in new members is declining. Until now, there have been about 20 million new members each month, but this April, there were only 13.9 million and in May, there were only 11.8 million. As for... full story

Top seven foods which are most likely to get you sick

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The hot and muggy rainy season is approaching. This is also the season for food poisoning. Recently, there was a serious food poisoning case involving children. From this we learned the dangers of raw beef. But when I looked at the list “Foods most likely to make you sick”, I was surprised to see... full story