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Gossip 9: Sex, Lies and Campaign Money

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John Edwards was the vice presidential candidate when John Kerry was the presidential nominee. His future was as promising as anyone could hope. How could he throw his entire life away with an affair and a potentially criminal cover-up? He was indicted by a North Carolina grand jury on six... full story

Economy 13: The “Buffett Rule”.

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This year’s tax day is April 17th. As is always the case around the tax day, there is much talk about the tax rate people pay. This conversation is more prominent at this time because it is a presidential election year. The “Buffett Rule” is the most talked about tax rate related... full story

Health 9: Alternatives to prescription medication.

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According to, people in America spent more than $300 billion on prescription drugs last year. Almost half the adults took at least one prescription in the last month and nearly a third regularly use two or more prescription, according to the DCD. Here are the suggested... full story

Health 8: Mass Hysteria

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 Since about a month ago, we have been hearing about “mass hysteria” happening in upstate New York. Until now, there have been 15 students from LeRoy High School (14 female students) who have been showing the symptom of seizure, tics, nausea, dizziness, cramping and more.Doctors... full story

Politics 13: Can Romney shut down Santorum?

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This unpredictable Republican primary has kept a wary public tuned in for the latest episode.  At present the race features Romney versus Santorum, each fine tuning their image and message for the upcoming votes in Arizona and Michigan. Polls find Santorum with a slight edge in national polls... full story

Politics 12: The Gingrich Surprise

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Outspent and out organized, the pugnacious Gingrich fought back in South Carolina and won!  Just days after a big loss in New Hampshire and damaging statements from an ex-wife about his fitness for the Presidency, Gingrich went on the attack in a key debate in South Carolina on Thursday.This... full story